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Excessive Barking (Part 2):

Are You Supporting Your Dog's Barking Without Even Knowing It?

Pets have a dilemma with constant barking and whining and not showing negative actions as most pet owners unfairly assume. These pets are only reaching out for additional attention. Constant barking is only a issue affiliated with loneliness. Loneliness is usually the sole reason why pets will choose behavior problems.

If a dog’s motivation is loneliness, then it is important to know that the only kind of expression a pet has is a bark. When a dog barks he is only seeking attention. It doesn’t matter what kind of attention he receives. Dogs are not used to understanding human language anyway.

Discipline Gone Awry

Supporting your huge mistake pet owners make is supporting their pets whenever the engage themselves in barking. For instance, if your dog is barking at 4:00 in the more non-stop, what do some dog owners do? Many dog owners will place their dogs into the house so that they stop barking. In reality placing the dog into the house only adds fuel to the burning fire.

In fact, you can guarantee a repeat performance tomorrow night, and every night thereafter, so long as the dog barks, an you come outside and provide attention by bringing him inside the house. And the one thing you can guarantee is that your dog will learn that, by barking, you will show up and give him attention!

As a matter, you can be more than sure that the same thing will happen the next night and the night after that. Every time you go outside to bring in your dog you are providing attention. You will avoid doing that. If you continue to encourage your pet to bark, he will keep barking.

Dog's Learn By Relating Their Actions With A Positive Or A Negative Result

Some dog owners will develop bad habits. As a result, their pets develop those same habits. An example of this would be a dog owner who places a fun treat such as a dog biscuit in front of a dog every single time the dog barks incessantly. Many dog owners will do this in order to quiet their pets without realizing that they are only encouraging them. In the mind of the dog, if he barks he will get a pat on the back and a great tasting dog treat.

The best thing to do is to avoid encouraging your dog at all expense. Encouraging your dog will only keep him barking all night long -- not to mention other annoying habits. As long as dog owners continue to encourage their dogs the more they will continue. The best thing to do is to avoid encouraging your pet.

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