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The English Shepherd

The English Shepherd dog comes from the Roman herd brought by the British Isle by the Roman army. These dogs led the herd of livestock that travels together with the army to provide foods for them. When the herd depleted, all the excess dogs are used by the local people as their own livestock. The early settlers brought all the English Shepherd dogs into the New World. These types of dogs are seldom seen and most of the can only be seen on farms. The English Shepherd dog maintains their working skills over time. In this modern time, they can still be used as a working dog rather than a pet or a show dog.

It was recognized by the United Kennel Club in the 1934. This dog is a medium built and they are built for more maneuverability. Aside from this characteristic they are also courageous and intelligent compare from other breeds of dogs. They can easily learn tricks through training and can easily adapt to their environment. You can use their herding skills to make them as good watch dogs. You can always count on to these dogs because they love to work. They feel happy whenever they are working or playing their master.

English Shepherd dogs have four major color patterns such as Sable and White, Tan and White, Black and Tan and Black and White. The dog needs regular brushing to eliminate all their lose hair. There is wavy and medium length and not as thick as the hair of an Australian Shepherd. It can grow up to 23 inches tall and weigh as heavy as 60 pounds when they are fully mature.

The English Shepherd dogs love playing with their master. You can do regular activities such as Frisbee, walking, agility training. Your dog will surely be very happy and contented. If you will not supply them with regular activities, they will get bored and destructive. This type of dog is very loyal to their master and they also need to socialize with their family. You can be easily trained them to be a house dog and a good watch dog.

The dam as other breed of dogs, they can also suffer from dysplasia. In some rare cases, they can also suffer from epilepsy. It is important to ask your veterinarian just before administering any medication to your dog. English Shepherd dogs can be very sensitive when it comes to some medications. Overall English Shepherd dogs are healthy, strong, good to children and other dogs, but they are very protective in nature. They are also known for excessive barking especially when they are bored and to give warning to their master. The lifespan of this dog can live up to 14 years.

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