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The Catahoula Bulldog

A lot of dog breeder would agree that a Catahoula Bulldog is not a purebred dog but it is a hybrid because it came into this world as a result of crossbreeding American Bulldog and Catahoula Leopard dog. A lot of people especially those who are still beginning to explore in this industry is that the Catahoula Bulldog has been existing for about 100 years or more in some parts of America including the southern part of it. it came because during those times the ranchers needs dual purpose type of dog to help them with their hunting needs including capturing of pigs and hunting black bears too. This dog breed is known for its exceptional intelligence but this is not enough for them to become successful with their job as a hunter because they cannot hold the pigs and other animals they are hunting. On the other hand, the size of an American Bulldog when mixed with Catahoula leopard will become a very suitable breed because the intelligence of one and the height and weight of the other one will surely match and become a perfect breed for hunting.

The result of the 2 dogs when cross bred will become Catahoula Bulldog which is a stronger type of dog and it is also suitable for hunting and other purposes because of its intelligence and size. During the early 1950s, the Catahoula Bulldog was registered in an animal research foundation because of Mr. Stodghill as he sought after a dog that would not also be suitable for accompanying him but also to secure his household along with other farming duties. The mixed breed will be fit for the tasks he requires for a dog. Did you know that all the dogs in the animal research foundation that went through the breeding were found to be 50% Catahoula and 50% American Bulldog that is a result of cross breeding? As years passes by the percentage of the dog bred became 75% Catahoula leopard while the American bulldog went down to 25%. This is not bad according to experts because they still manage to maintain the characteristics of the 2 fabulous breed of dog in Catahoula Bulldog.

This crossed bred bulldog contain a medium size body build and it weight about 45kgs. It also contains muscular body features that contain tight skin and smooth coat. These Catahoula bulldogs don’t have undercoating and it doesn’t develop one even if it stays and lives in a colder place. These dogs come in variety of colors which includes white and oats, black with tan patches, while and grey blotches and others. Usually, they have a larger area covered with colors and small patches or spots. Their eyes are also fascinating because it comes in variety of colors too. Their distinct features make them unique and sought after by a lot of people. Their ears are also cropped comes with a button type one. Usually, they use their ears to express their feelings. Even if the Catahoula bulldog is known for its intelligence and its hunting talent, it is not a good option for guarding your properties since it doesn’t possess the guarding skills like other dog has.

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