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Puppy Housetraining Tools

Try the X-Pen What's an X-pen? It is another word for an exercise pen. It has several gates that clam together and it becomes kind of open-top cage. It has a lot of space to fit your pet?s little dog crate. Many dog trainers despise X-pens because they don't feel it is an effective housetraining tool to use. Except if you?re using it to place your pet inside of the crate or if you're utilizing it for a "potty spot" with a wee-wee pad or papers.

Remember, don't use this as a permanent solution when you're housetraining your dog because the goal is for your pup to go to the bathroom outside not on your plush new carpet. Use X-pens as a baby gate. This will prevent our pup from entering an area that he?s not supposed to enter like your office or sewing room. Using the Ever Trusting Wee-Wee Pad Wee-Wee pads are excellent for puppies. It is great for people who live in condo?s, townhouses or apartments or incontinent dogs. What are wee-wee pads, their basically the kind of pads that nursing homes and hospitals use for their patients. It's just in a different package. Some of them have nice scents to get rid of the smelly dog urine. Wee pads are extremely helpful and should be used. These types of pads will encourage a pup to urinate in the proper location. When your pup urinates in the wee-wee pad for the first time and doesn't make a puddle of a mess in your dining room floor, give your pup a fun treat and say "Good Boy"

You should look for wee-wee pads that have liquid-retaining properties. Make sure you buy the right size to fit your pet. Choose a product that locks in moisture and prevents tracking. At one time, before wee-wee pads were invented, so-to-speak, some dog owners actually use litter boxes. Now, the problem with litter boxes for small pups is that they are messy. However, they were great for dog owners who lived in apartments or a condo even a small one bedroom house. Litter boxes on the other hand are great to use however, your dog will more than likely want to play with the litter. When choosing a litter box, it can be easy for the dog owner. Litter boxes work well with pets that are less than ten pounds. Make certain that you search for a dog-specific litter box. Don't use cat litter boxes because they are just not tall enough for puppies.

Remember, when you use a dog box for your pet it will not un-train your puppy from going to the bathroom outside; it's just another option for his little bladder. .

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