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The Golden Opportunity for Prime Puppy Training

Puppies are amazing to watch because they are the most curious creatures and like to get into everything. They soak up smells, sounds, and sights and their mind seems to be always racing.

Vital information is being absorbed by a puppy every day. Everything is a new experience to them; people, places, and things are constantly changing and stimulating them.

Puppies are much smarter than people think; don’t waste valuable time and begin to teach them right away. They have an immense capacity to learn and are very capable of learning positive behaviors and manners. The sooner you are able to train your puppy, the sooner they will feel like a member of the family.

Puppies are ready to Learn Early in Life.

Experts used to think that puppies could not be trained until they were five or six months old. This theory has been completely disproved and owners should begin training their puppies immediately.

Puppies as young as two or three weeks are able to start learning because of their rapid brain development. EEG measurements show that when a puppy is awake they are able to learn new skills at a rapid pace and have a high increase in brain waves, height, and amplitude.

Bigger Brains

A puppy’s early experiences in life will shape and mold their brain, studies have shown. Puppies with positive experiences like playing with toys and solving problems end up having a higher IQ and learning abilities. They even grew a more developed brain than puppies that were raised in negative environments.

All of the evidence shows that puppies are able to learn at a very early age. Training tools like climbing stairs and meeting people will help develop their brain and body. Puppy’s who don’t have the opportunity to learn or ones left in a small room all day will be hindered both mentally and physically.

What Does This Mean?

Your puppy should never be allowed to do whatever they want and to roam around as they please. As the owner, you need to make a conscious effort to spend as much free time as possible with your new edition and make sure they feel loved.

Bad behaviors will only get worse as dogs get older. It is very important to nip any problems in the bud right away or you will pay the price later. You need to let the puppy know who is boss and be firm with your dog and make sure you allow the puppy to be themselves.

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