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Confused About Dog Nutrition?

Feeding your puppy supplements, proper treats and proper food will help them build strong bones and muscles. Proper nutrition also affects their behavior and can make training and learning different things a little easier.

Because every dog is different, you need to determine the proper diet for your puppy. Keep in mind that you have to follow certain rules when feeding your dog to ensure they have a proper diet with a well-balanced daily requirement. Not all dogs have the same needs and may need different types of foods as well as different serving types.

Avoid Table Scraps

Vets and breeders encourage new dog owners to avoid feeding their dog’s table scraps when possible. You will also probably hear that all the hype around daily supplements such as minerals and vitamins are not necessary.

By giving your puppy table scraps, they get used to the taste and will spend time eating your food instead of their own. This means they are not getting their recommended daily allowance of nutrients they would receive from dog food. Dog food tastes horrible after you have tried table scraps and some dogs will reject their own food and only eat your foods. Once this happens, you will have a hard time getting the dog to eat his dog food, which is what they need to grow healthy and strong.


You do not need to give the puppy any supplements. In fact, some supplements may cause other health issues rather than help. Your puppy is getting what they need even if it happens to be from table scraps. They just should not eat the table scraps but rather their dog food.

If you would give your puppy an additional calcium pill to help build stronger bones, you might just be doing the opposite. Too much calcium in a dog can lead to different bone issues. This is true for humans as well. Adding supplements to a dog’s diet can be as harmful because you are then not providing a well balanced diet. They are receiving too much and can have health problem because of this.

Natural is Better

You should feed your dog a commercial dog food rather than table scraps. These foods are made with the growing dog in mind. To supplement his daily food, you can give him or her multivitamins of Omega 3 and sometimes a liver tablet. You can find these supplements in health stores and pet stores or from an Internet source.

Natural whole foods are great for your dog. You can supply them with barley, bee pollen, brewer's yeast and wheat grass. They do interfere with the dog’s diet and are all natural.

Article by William Beasley of Oh My Dog Supplies, your top spot to purchase top notch dog carriers online.