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Quiet Your Dog with a Bark Collar?

It is possible to train your pet so that it does not engage in excessive barking, whether you are absent or not. It is fairly uncomplicated. All you need is to be a little creative, use a water gun, and about a week’s time to devote, and your dog will no longer be an excessive barker, so that your neighbors and you can finally enjoy the silence.
Most owners who have complied with our easy step-by-step methods in training dogs as mentioned in our articles on encouraging a quieter pet are doing well. For others who did not have the same results should be advised to use bark collars.

Do These Devices Actually Work?

These collars are fashioned to give out a shock electrically to the dog any time that he barks. The collars are not meant for training but for punishment. For example, this is what a dog experiences when wearing a torturous device such as this one:

There lived a Chihuahua whose name was “Chu Chu” in an apartment complex where dogs were not allowed. So that Chu Chu would remain quiet, its owner put a dog bark collar around its neck.
One night, the Chihuahua was rolled up nice and cozy next to the warm hearth, sleeping like a babe, when the phone rang suddenly and the vibration of the sound activated Chu Chu’s collar. The dog received an unexpected shock into its throat. Until then, the dog had been a quieter dog, but the surprise of all of those volts caused him to become panic-stricken.

As Chu Chu screamed, the collar continued to send electrical shocks to his throat, and the animal ran throughout the house frightened and in a frenzy. To try to escape from the “monster” that had affixed itself to his throat, he banged himself against the walls frantically, until he crashed through a window. The dog’s owners lived on the top floor of their complex, so the little dog fell to its immediate end.

If You Really Love Your Pet, He Should be Trained, Not Punished
You should overlook dog bark collars or any other training methods that will cause pain or astonish your dog. It is better to put aside four to five days to properly teach your pet to be well-mannered. Your pet should be thought of as your child and so should receive the best attention you can give.

By utilizing better techniques to keep your dog from being a barker, your dog will have the knowledge to not bark randomly while having the confidence that he can still be a protector. Of course, your dog will bark regardless if it feels that there is someone unfamiliar on your property, but he won’t be barking just to hear itself bark.
Give him five days to properly school him, and he will be able to respond to your spoken cues, know when it is proper to bark, and obviously when it is improper, and you won’t have to resort to using electrical shocks to induce pain through the use of bark collars.

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