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Cardigan Welsh Corgi

This breed of dog is actually composed of two separate dog breeds that are commonly referred to as the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. These two breeds are the Welsh Corgis which has its origin naturally in Wales and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. This breed of dog is one of the oldest herding breeds that are currently still used for their intended purpose.

Although either breed of animal is likely to become a very loyal companion the Cardigan Welsh corgis is the top dog when considering the topic of family loyalty. Like any breed of herding dog these animals also require a regiment of daily mental as well as physical stimulation. Even though they are a small breed of dog they still require a considerable amount of exercise to keep them at bay. If you purchase one of these fine dogs it would be better if you had a small amount of farm land or open space where the dog could romp and play. In a pinch they can be very content inside a city apartment but care must be exercised to ensure they have sufficient time outside in the open to run.

The Cardigan’s physical looks is that of a long, low laying animal with extremely upright ears and they tend to present a fox type appearance. The American Kennel Club standards that were established for this breed of dog briefly referred to it as an "Alsatian with short legs". This breed unlike the Pembroke Welsh Corgi has a long tail whereas the previous mentioned dog has a tail which is docked. Cardigans are generally breed in shades of red, brindle and sable but are also found with a black coat. There is frequently a spot of white found on the dog’s neck, his chest, on his legs, the muzzle, or underneath the dog. White tips on the tail and a blaze of white on the head are common occurrences.

Being a small dog they are generally only about 12 to 13 inches tall and weigh about 38 pounds. Their size is particularly attractive for the dog owner to use as a house pet and companion.

As the breed was originally created as a herding animal it has successfully blended into the family environment and become an excellent companion animal. They are prized as a one man dog and are very responsible guardians. They are cautious of strangers and often reserve any affection they have for a select few people. Although they are now accepted more as a house pet the breed is still highly valued as a herding and working dog with excellent guarding skills. They are affectionate, alert, smart and have considerable agility which makes them a great example as a show dog.

An interesting note regarding this dogs low size is that they were intentionally breed to be long and low to the ground in an effort to prevent them from being kicked by the cattle that they are herding. If a sheep or cattle were to try and kick the dog the legs would merely fly over them and would fail to make contact.


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