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Canine Personalities

Most pet owners know that animals have great character. However, few take the time to really evaluate their dogs’ personalities. There are some simple steps that you can take to make a quick evaluation of your pet’s overall demeanor, making some decisions a little easier.

Never underestimate your own powers of observation and your intuition. There was something about your pet that really stood out that probably went above and beyond his physical characteristics. Getting a new perspective on what initially attracted you to your pet can give you insight into his personality.

Love at First Sight

Many people who adopt pets have a general idea of what animal they would like to select. Some choose a particular breed while others prefer a nice mixed breed instead. No matter what, there was probably something extra special about the dog you selected as your family’s companion.

Some describe their initial meeting as pure magic. Those browsing for new pets may have had a particular type of dog in mind but they wind up choosing another kind all together. There are times when things just click between a person and an animal. Part of the attraction is the dog’s personality.

The Power of Observation

It is very easy to underestimate the power of observation. Simply watching how your dog approaches people and other animals is a great way to evaluate his personality. You may find that your pet prefers to play with children. He may have a very calm, mild demeanor or he may be easily excitable.

Some dogs prefer to be around older people rather than small children. This characteristic isn’t always readily apparent. It helps to expose your pet to different environments in order to see how he engages with others. Taking some time to sit back and watch your pet in different situations will help you get an idea of her preferences.


There is one fundamental concept to remember when it comes to behavior: All behavior is communication. Your pet’s activities, responses to other and his vocal patters are each forms of conveying important messages. Consider what your pet is trying to tell you through his specific actions. He is probably speaking volumes.

As you come to understand your pet’s behavior as well as the things he is trying to convey, you develop a stronger bond with the animal. It is always a good idea to immediately reward desired behavior while redirecting the negative. Your responses to your pet’s actions make all the difference in they way that you communicate with one another.

Personality Traits

Certain breeds are well known for their personality traits. For example, most of us are pretty familiar with the nervous, jumpy nature of the Chihuahua and the calm, dedicated nature of the Labrador. Some people are attracted to a specific breed because of their overall temperament.

Nevertheless, each animal is unique. Each offers a special quality and spirit that is difficult to put into words. Your intuition and inner connectedness with a particular animal rise above the personality traits associated with certain breeds.

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