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Border Collie Dog

This is a breed of dog that originated between the border areas of England, Scotland and Wales. These herding dogs are considered to a highly intelligent animal. They are very energetic and all around the world are considered to be one of the better sheep herding breeds. They must have a lot of physical activity associated with their life. Although originally they were breed to work on the farms herding sheep they have gradually progressed to the status of a popular pet.

The Border collie is very protective when it comes to their human family and is gentle to those people with whom they are familiar with.

There are slight variations in their appearance but in general they are a medium size dog with a moderate coat. Their heights are generally 18 to 22 inches high. They come in many colors with black and white as the dominant color combinations.

An interesting superstition concerning these dogs and their color combinations is that many herders will refuse to keep a white dog of this breed for they feel that the sheep will flatly refuse to respect and obey a white dog since the color is similar to that of other sheep. Modern herders are slowly gaining the attitude that it is the dog’s abilities that are more important then their appearance but old concepts are difficult to break from.

The breed clubs have established specific color rules that apply to these dogs and in order to win a show they must adhere closely to these rules of color. Another interesting feature concerning these dogs is that they can have scars and broken teeth as a result of their work and during a show these discrepancies will not be held against them. This is in direct contrast to most dog breeds where blemishes such as these could easily disqualify them from competition.

As previously mentioned the collies have a very pleasant disposition and generally desire to work closely with their human owner. Since this breed of dog is very demanding and energetic they usually require households which can provide them with an abundance of exercise with other dogs or humans. They readily enjoy a game of Frisbees or chasing a ball to keep their activity levels in check.

Although it may sound like the perfect pet for many people they are usually disappointed after they get one of these fine animals. As an example it is highly possible that they may try and control the movements of the various humans within the home. They are not an appropriate dog for households with small children.

When considering an animal such as this do not base your decision solely upon its lovely appearance but be sure to take into consideration all the various aspects of its characteristics.


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