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Bearded Collie

collieStory and origins: Believed to be one of the oldest herding breeds in Scotland, the Bearded Collie was bred in 17th and 18th century England and Scotland. This type was used for herding sheep and cattle droving. His weather- resistant fur allows him to withstand cold, wet climates.

Description: The Bearded Collie stands 20 to 22 inches at the shoulder and weighs between 45 and 55 pounds. He has an athletic medium-build body and a long, shaggy coat that mats often and absorbs smells. Daily grooming as well as regular bathing is necessary for this breed. His coat can be kept short to reduce maintenance. His fur may be black or blue-gray with or without white, or it may be light or dark brown, both with or without white. The shade may lighten or darken as the dog ages.

About the breed: A natural shepherd, this lovely dog is a loyal pet who is friendly, playful and nice to children. He is energetic, easily trainable, and makes a great show dog. The Bearded Collie is initially shy with strangers but comes around quickly. This is a sensitive and mildly stubborn type that responds well to training if the method is firm but not too much. The "Come" command is often the hardest to teach. The Bearded Collie, like most other shepherding breeds, enjoys chasing moving objects such as cars, bikes, and people.

Though safe around with children, he likes to chase them and snap at their heels. Kids should not be allowed to play chasing games with this breed. The Bearded Collie needs quite a bit of exercise. He excels at competition obedience, agility work, and herding.

Feeding: The recommended feeding for the Bearded Collie is 1 to 1 ½ cans (13.3oz) of a name brand meaty product plus biscuit in the same amount or 3 cupfuls of a complete dry food.
Ideal home: This breed requires plenty of exercise. A house with a fenced yard is necessary.

The owners of a Bearded Collies should be strong leaders who want a loyal and friendly family dog that can do well in obedience work. Kids are fine, provided no chasing or roughhousing is allowed.

Anxious owners may reduce the dog's self confidence and foster fear and biting. The elderly and the disabled may have trouble owning this energetic type. Time to train, exercise, socialize, and groom the Bearded Collie is necessary.

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