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cattle dogs

A Cattle Dog is a dog has been bred and trained to gather, herd and drive livestock. Different breeds of Cattle Dogs work cattle in different ways. Some breeds, such as the Australian Cattle Dog, typically nip at the animals heels, therefore they are "heelers". Others like the Border Collie, get in front of the animals and use what is called "eye" to stare down the animals, these are the "headers". The Koolie has been observed to use both these methods and to jump on the backs of their charges. Koolies are therefore said to 'head', 'heel' and 'back'.

Some herding breeds work well with any kind of animals; others have been bred for generations to work with specific kinds of animals such as cattle and have developed the physical characteristics and styles of working that enable the dogs to better handle these animals.

Cattle Dogs are bred for the physical characteristics that help them with their work, including speed and endurance. Shorter breeds, such as Welsh Corgis, were bred so that they would be out of the way when cattle kicked at them.

Due to their intelligence and beauty, Cattle Dogs are often family pets. It is important to remember that these dogs have been bred to work, and must be kept active. Otherwise they become bored and develop bad habits.


The Border Collie

The Border Collie originated in areas between Scotland and England and was often referred to as the Scottish Sheep Dog for its use to herd sheep, cattle and other live stock. The beautiful, intelligent breed weighs 35 to 50 pounds and has a shoulder length of 19 to 22 inches. This breed has the multitude to learn a plethora of tricks and tasks while maintaining its keen sense of strength. ...more

How to Remove a Tick

There are many dangerous and ineffective methods of removing ticks that have been passed on by older generations. But these methods just won't work. One of this is burning the tick off. This could also mean getting your dog burned. This a dangerous method you should never attempt to use....more

Get Rid of Fleas

Fleas multiply really fast and when your dog gets fleas, there is a big possibility of your house getting infested with fleas, too. It will only take a matter of days for these fleas to multiply. And once this happens, it will be very difficult to eliminate them. Keep your dog flea free to prevent them from multiplying and invading your homes...more


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RanchMan90 wrote:
WalnutCrest wrote:Criteria:

1 - Currently open, with or without a calf at its side (obviously those with a calf will cost a bit more)
2 - 3yrs to 7yrs old ... at least one good calf ...

I would learn to AI if you have time. It will be benificial to you and in high demand as time goes on. You can probably make some decent side money doing it for neighbors like yourself.

alisonb wrote:

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greybeard wrote:
Brother and I were talking a few weeks ago..reminiscing about hauling hay for 3 cents/bale in the mid '60s..
we wuz in high cotton..all the baled up skunks, thorns, snakes and dusty ...

Cross-7 wrote:
Boss cow but easy to get along with.

For me, that is a big plus! If my boss cow and I get along well, easy to work with, it makes working the rest of the herd/group go a whole lot smo...

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